Our Philosophy

As a company that cares we pride ourselves in being flexible. We do not insist on fixed pick up days, we will work to your requirements. We do not balk at extra deliveries if you run short, we do not sigh or complain if our clients need something extra; that is what we do. And finally we do not ask you to sign a fixed period contract. We know that satisfaction is the best contract with our customers.

We are not the cheapest in the market but then our finish and service makes that obvious. Our pricing is sensible, and we discuss all pricing in an open and transparent manner. There are no catches and no extras.

Our Pledge

What you send us is what you get back. No mix ups, no losses and on our bedding rentals, no damaged or torn items. If an item is unserviceable we remove it from our rental stock

We talk to you! Our operatives know who our customer are and what they need. If you call us we deal with your requirements knowing and understanding your company. We don’t treat you as an account we treat you as our client and dare we say it our friends.

Here are the services we offer:

▪ Bars & Restaurants     ▪ Catering / Event Planners
▪ Hotels / Guests Houses
   Bed & Breakfasts
    ▪ Beauty Salons
   Sun Bed Shops
   Hair Dressers


For more info call us on 0161 792 4001