• We use state of the art, eco friendly washing and ironing machines providing a superb finish to the linens.
  • We offer both laundering of clients own linen and a bespoke rental service for hotels and restuarants.
  • We have samples of all our linens so you can see for yourself the quality, colours and finish.
  • Our pricing is sensible and we discuss all pricing in an open and transparent manner. There are no catches and no extras.

About Us

We are a young vibrant company Specialising in supplying a boutique laundry service to the trade, hotels, restaurants and hire companies. We specialise in laundering for companies that require the extra attention to detail and who know that a flexible approach to their laundry requirements provides a service that impresses their customers. We are not a mass production company, we are a company that looks at every single item of laundry and asks “Is this quality impressive?”  We ask “Will the end user smile with satisfaction and know that we cared about their linen?” Each piece of linen leaving our laundry is checked with one feature in mind - Is this good enough for our clients.

Our work

Using up to date washers and ironers which as well as being environmentally friendly provide that extra finish. We offer both laundering of client’s own linen and a bespoke rental service for hotels and guest houses. On the rental side we show you the quality of product and discuss your requirements. We offer a variety of qualities and help you to choose the products that suit your business.


For more info call us on 0161 792 4001